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Lots of big changes happened over the last 18 months within the logistics industry. The pandemic created a surge in online shopping in 2020. Though online retail was already popular with many demographics all over the world, the dynamic new environment highlighted the strategic importance of online delivery within new market segments. Those who may have had prior misgivings about ordering online suddenly had no other option and as a result, quickly got hooked to the benefits of home delivery. With increased demand sales soared, and more eCommerce businesses and retailers needed immediate logistics solutions. This allowed already growing companies like Selazar to thrive even more. A new capital injection will see Selazar quadruple headcount, expand into new territories and offer additional eCommerce fulfilment technology and services to customers. 


Selazars’ approach to logistics and warehousing helped many companies grow consistently during the pandemic. The UN trade and development experts at UNCTAD reported an increase from 16% to 19% in 2020 for eCommerce sales, a jump to 26.7 trillion.

Selazar has always helped eCommerce businesses to take a methodical approach to grow their businesses quickly and will continue to do so. Outsourcing rapid delivery options to customers are easier than ever through our tech platform, helping companies meet the demands of same day despatch and next day delivery. Selazar has a large roster of clients from fashion to health and beauty, sporting goods, and more – and this new investment in Selazar will see our services improve with more tailored support, smart technology, and worldwide distribution.  

This investment represents the opportunity to turbocharge the Selazar business. Our existing investment providers, to whom we are grateful, have allowed us to build out the platform and to create a robust market position. This new investment will allow us to move into new markets – both in geographic and product terms which we will announce in due course. We are hugely excited to be embarking upon the next phase in the building of a world-class eCommerce service business,” says Selazar Chairman Neil Ashworth. 

Selazars funding includes a £20 million growth investment that significantly impacts the company’s valuation. The new capital injection adds to an initial investment from Foresight Group, Invest Northern Ireland and angel investors. These financial firms believe in the Selazar vision and will facilitate numerous initiatives over the coming months – such as global warehousing. Offering more warehouses and distribution overseas increases the advantage to current and future clients.  


Selazar has physical warehouse space in the UK but will now be quickly extending its distribution network globally into Europe, the US, and Latin America. This includes new warehouses in Ireland and the Netherlands, followed by four additional warehouses in the United States and one each in Mexico and Colombia. Our courier network already delivers internationally, but the new spaces expanding globally will help more businesses of all sizes in various countries house and deliver products quicker and more efficiently to their customers. 

Selazar stores and delivers stock for a large roster of medium to large-sized businesses. Many notable retailers that rely on or have relied on Selazar’s services include Debenhams and UpCircle. Whereas these great businesses work to create great products for customers, we help them to increase customer retention with speedy and efficient final mile delivery options. The recent investment will help Selazar cater to larger clients like these with more diverse warehousing options and increased storage space. 

One of the reasons we will be quadrupling our staff is also to offer new financial services for our customers. Merging logistics and financial services offers exciting new opportunities for growing businesses. We have been on a solid growth trajectory since 2019 and believe that our platform is key to serving medium to enterprise-sized retailers. Now with new financing options for our base of partners, we are innovating a full 360 solution for growing businesses. 


Logistics is an ever-evolving landscape, seeing dramatic changes in the last two decades alone. Though good old-fashioned hard work and great customer service will always be a cornerstone of Selazar, marrying convenient solutions for online retailers with superior digital technology is a key focus that differentiates Selazar from traditional 3pl models. Within just a few years of Selazar’s smart approach to logistics, we have quickly disrupted the market.  

This financial backing will be foundational to bringing on more employees to serve more clients as well as integrating more robust technology and continuing to innovate through our already agile and dynamic portal. As a result of our expansion to an international eCommerce fulfilment company, customers will be able to transfer stock between international warehouses. The has the potential to ease some of the pain that has resulted from Brexit, as it will simplify processes and reduce costs, which is currently a friction point for larger businesses. 

Inspired by the future and predicting the looming eCommerce explosion Selazar has strategically placed itself in a unique position to serve eCommerce retailers requirements all over the world. Every day we spring into action with our unique approach towards creating online business solutions and consumer convenience options. We are grateful to our previous investors and all of our partners for our amazing success to date.  

Selazar and it’s investors are committed to growing sustainable and socially equitable businesses that have a tangible impact on the lives of its partners, employees, and communities. The weight of this new investment will sustain our global growth plans well into the future.

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