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Packaging inserts, also known as packing inserts, encompass anything that accompanies the product(s) inside the shipping box.

There are various types of inserts available, all with the primary goal of enhancing brand loyalty and encouraging repeat sales. As we all know, retaining customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. While the landscape may be evolving, certain principles remain constant. Attract new customers online, impress them in unexpected ways, and witness their return when Black Friday rolls around.

How can you provide a unique experience?

In today’s contemporary marketing environment, breaking through can be challenging. Effective engagement stems from brand-centric concepts. Customers chose your product for a reason, so utilize this targeted opportunity to grab their attention.

Personal favorites include bookmarks from bathroom brands, origami puzzles from model-making brands, and aesthetically pleasing inspiration stickers from a spray-paint brand. The aim is to evoke a smile and ensure that your brand remains memorable to the customer.


Other more fiscally motivated reasons for why inserts are a good idea include:

  • Increases lifetime value (LTV) and brand loyalty. Turning your customers into brand advocates.
  • Targeted audience, cross-selling those slow-moving items is easier.
  • No delivery cost. It is already covered by your order fulfilment.

Being dynamic with your inserts creates effective ways to increase sales. Since you know what the customer has bought you can target your inserts accordingly. Shifting slow-moving stock or experimental lines is easier when you know who might like it.


In the realm of online retail, there are few customer touchpoints that savvy sellers can capitalize on. Unboxing stands out as one of the most, if not the most, crucial touchpoints. Simply search for product unboxing videos on YouTube, and you’ll understand why. Take a glance at the latest tech releases, and you’ll find lengthy videos where about half the time is dedicated to unpacking the product.

Not too long ago, brick-and-mortar retailers realized that by creating immersive in-store experiences rather than mere displays, they could enhance brand loyalty and consequently boost sales. This same principle is now embraced by top online retailers. Although the purchasing channel may differ, the psychology of success remains unchanged. Delighting customers brings them back.


Developing compelling inserts requires time and incurs costs, but recognizing that loyal customers spend 67% more over their lifetime makes it a cost-effective investment.

An intangible yet invaluable benefit is brand advocacy. People love to share their latest cool discoveries or experiences. Provide your customers with something worth bragging about, and observe as they bring in more new business for you.

Make the most of this quarter by surpassing customer expectations—utilize packaging inserts!