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Product packaging is more important than most would think. It’s an intricate process of 3pl logistics that is the precursor to the few non-digital touchpoints with customers. Before making any decisions for 3pl providers, clients should deeply understand their packaging requirements and objectives.

PaakPOD’s innovative approach to the fulfilment process and eco-friendly packaging combined with custom packaging provide more options for clients. We live in an age where people enjoy the aesthetics of custom packaging and appreciate companies’ social responsibility. As eCommerce continues to expand, so do packaging supplies for home delivery. These supplies have a reactionary impact on the planet unless more packaging companies take the initiative to implement sustainable packaging.


A new study has confirmed that consumers in North America, Asia, Europe, and the United Kingdom want eco-friendly packaging. More than 80% of the survey participants felt that it was important or extremely important for companies to design environmentally conscious products. This survey included over 6,000 consumers in 11 different countries. Three-quarters of those participants said they are currently buying more environmentally friendly products than they were five years ago. Eighty-one percent said they expect to buy more over the next five years.


Custom packaging is all about brand recognition. One of the main components of brand loyalty is customer association with the set of values and beliefs of a company. It’s known as “Brand feeling.” How a customer feels about a product increases their affinity towards the brand. So, if a company is Earth-conscious, this further expands those positive feelings of security, respect & social approval. Use branded packaging to expand your marketing practices.

Both eco-friendly packaging and custom packaging co-exist in harmony with one another.PaakPOD is proud to offer Eco-packaging as standard but understands controlling the unboxing experience through custom packaging can increase sales.


Also known as “sustainable packaging” or “green packaging,” this Earth-friendly fulfilment alternative decreases our carbon footprint. The types of eco-packaging supplies associated with green packaging are renewable materials that are safe and sustainable.

For example, the environmental effects of single-use plastics are wasteful and demand more attention from the warehousing industry and 3pl’s. Plastic packaging waste generation in the UK amounts to approximately 2.2 million metric tons.  Plastic pollution threatens our ocean life and contaminates the world’s food chain.

Eco-friendly packaging is more than a simple choice; it’s a sustainable solution for the planet. Using supplies like recycled cardboard and paper for packages and fillers is smarter as well as safer. Using recyclable materials instead of plastic and Styrofoam greatly diminishes our global greenhouse emissions.

So, as governments and countries collaborate on climate change more in 2021 and beyond, green packaging will be a part of that future. Corrugated cardboard is the cornerstone of that sustainable future.


The major eco-responsible shipping option is corrugated cardboard. Corrugated packaging contains recycled materials. It is both recyclable as well as compostable and does not contain any dyes or bleaches like other manufacturing processes. It is also exceptionally durable and easily reusable.

This gift packaging solution is in high demand as ethical shopping has gained more praise in recent years. It’s also great for shipping companies because recyclable packaging reduces overall costs. It’s all upside.

PaakPOD uses 100% corrugated cardboard for shipping all their orders.

*Disclaimer: prices have been periodically increasing due to increased demand from the eCommerce boom. Production for corrugated cardboard has ramped up and prices are projected to stabilise and hopefully reduce over the next 12 months. The confederation of paper industries (CPI) released a statement in February (2021) stating there is a shortage of cardboard due to lockdown and Brexit.


As previously mentioned, plastic usage has reached an unsustainable level. Standard plastic sticky tape is made of polypropylene, which is not recycled in the UK. What this does is create an enormous amount of plastic waste in landfills. The alternative to this is gummed tape.

It’s also known as “water-activated tape,” and it has many benefits. It is very strong with enhanced temperature tolerance while also being cheaper, and of course, is environmentally friendly. It is also a good tamper-evident solution. Once the tape is removed from the box, it cannot be reapplied.

It is 100% recycled kraft paper saturated with a latex solution and natural latex-based adhesive. The tape is biodegradable, so perfect for landfills. For many reasons, more companies like PaakPOD are embracing this solution for all their warehouse operations.


Custom packaging in the 3pl industry provides an “unboxing experience.” It’s an extension of branding. Branded packaging is more than pretty decorations or labelling. It creates an affinity for a customer who associates with your brand values and brand identity, also known as brand building. It is the same reason people happily wear certain brands of clothes or drink certain brands of coffee, brand loyalty. They may like the brand’s iconography, the public persona, or how it just makes them feel. Creating an “unboxing experience” for customers with these associations creates attachments to a brand while also being more memorable. Therefore, many companies are embracing it.

Using specific text phrases on a box or leaving a personalised message for the buyer creates a strong non-digital touchpoint leaving a lasting impression. When customers shop in a physical retail store, they can feel more confident about their buying purchase because of the proximity to the product. Buying online can feel a bit more impersonal and detached because of the lack of physical connection to what they are buying. By adding customisations to the parcel that the customer receives, they will instantly connect with a brand. Brands with no customisations rely on one message resonating with all customers.


There are many customisations you can do to your green packaging. Once you finish this process, PaakPOD works with you to make sure every custom detail of your boxing needs are perfectly executed and shipped. Canva published an article about custom packaging, saying, “if you have a product that a lot of other companies produce as well, try to be innovative how you display it.  Some of the customisation you can do include.


You want to use a box that reflects your brand. Use packaging that is eye-catching and memorable. Large text, stylish patterns, or a unique logo are all custom differentials. Make it interesting.


Leaving a personalised message on a small card goes a long way. You could say, “welcome to the family” or “we appreciate your service.” It seems a small gesture but goes a long way toward customers feeling more appreciated. You could even add a quote that resonates with your product.


Using multiple colours and shapes is an effective way to stand out from the competition. Patterns are also very eye-catching.


When a customer receives something for free, it inspires more excitement and loyalty. By overdelivering, you increase your brand’s commitment. It could be something as simple as a coupon, USB drive with your logo, or link to a free download.

You can use many customisations to inspire customers and improve your brand’s awareness. Customised boxes, tissue paper, and branded packaging are good solutions to stand out.



After seeing the possibilities for flexible packaging ideas, you want to make sure to choose a fulfilment partner that can provide green fulfilment solutions. Eco-friendly packaging and customisations should be expected with your 3pl logistics company. Smart packaging and creative packaging can make or break your business. Reach out to us today if you’d like help with your fulfilment and packaging solutions.