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Frequently asked questions

Order Processing and Fulfilment:

What is a fulfilment business?

A fulfilment business provides services to store, pick, pack, and ship products on behalf of e-commerce companies.

How does order processing work?

When a customer places an order on your website, the details are sent to us. We pick, pack, and ship the products to the customer’s address

What types of products can PaakPOD fulfil?

We can handle a wide range of products, including small items, apparel, electronics, and more.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we provide both domestic and international shipping options.

How quickly do you process orders?

Orders are usually processed within 24 hours after PaakPOD receives them.

Can I integrate my e-commerce platform with your system?

Yes, we offer close to 200 integration with popular e-commerce platforms to streamline the order processing.

Inventory Management:

How do you manage inventory?

We use advanced inventory management software to track stock levels in real-time. The PaakPOD inventory system will send you an email every evening detailing your inventory levels and PaakPOD will even send you alerts for reordering.

Can I monitor my inventory levels remotely?

Yes, our system allows you to monitor inventory levels and receive updates through a user-friendly dashboard.

What happens if my product runs out of stock?

Our system will notify you when stock is running low so you can reorder and prevent any disruptions.

Can you manage multiple warehouses?

Yes, we can distribute your inventory across multiple warehouses for faster and more cost-effective shipping.

Shipping and Returns:

What shipping carriers do you work with?

We partner with major shipping carriers such as The Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS to provide a variety of shipping options.

How are shipping costs determined?

Shipping costs are typically based on factors like package size, weight, destination, and shipping speed.

What about returns and exchanges?

We handle returns and exchanges according to your specified policies and or method statement. We inspect all returned items before restocking.

How are damaged or missing items handled?

If a customer receives a damaged or incorrect item, we will work with you to provide replacements and handle the return process.

Billing and Pricing:

How do you charge for your services?

Our pricing model usually includes a combination of storage fees, pick and pack fees, and shipping charges.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, we are transparent about our fees, and there are no hidden charges.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, we offer volume-based pricing for clients with larger quantities of orders. For example if you are batch shipping the same product to multiple customers we can offer you a discount.

How often will I receive invoices?

We will issue you with weekly shipping cost invoices to cover the costs of couriers and monthly invoices for our services. All invoices detail services utilised and associated costs.

Security and Quality:

How secure is your warehouse?

Our warehouses have security measures in place. We have CCTV, access control, alarm systems and a 24 hour manned gate house at the front of our business park to protect your inventory.

Can I conduct quality checks on the products before they are shipped?

Yes, we offer quality control services such as inspections, labelling, and custom packaging.

Customisation and Special Requests:

Can you customise packaging with my branding?

Absolutely, we offer custom packaging options to help reinforce your brand identity.

Can you handle kitting and assembly of products?

Yes, we can assemble products and create kits according to your specifications.

Onboarding and Integration:

How long does the onboarding process take?

The onboarding process varies depending on your needs but usually take no more than two weeks to set up integration and logistics.

Do you offer support during the onboarding phase?

Yes, our team will guide you through the setup process and provide necessary support.

Technology and Reporting:

What kind of technology do you use?

We use advanced inventory management and order processing software to optimise efficiency and accuracy.

Can I access reports and analytics on my inventory and orders?

Yes, our system provides detailed reports on inventory levels, order history, and shipping metrics.


Can you accommodate sudden spikes in order volume?

Yes, Packing Parcels On Demand is exactly that, our infrastructure is designed to handle fluctuations in order volume during peak seasons.

What's the process for scaling up my fulfilment requirements?

Simply let us know your increased needs, and we will adjust our operations accordingly.


How can I communicate with your team?

We provide email and phone support for any questions or concerns you may have.

Will I have a dedicated account manager?

Yes, you will be assigned a POD manager. Our POD managers are the people who will pick, pack and dispatch your orders everyday. You will know your POD manager by name and you will be able to contact them with fulfilment related queries during office hours.

Returns and Disposal:

What happens to returned items?

Returned items are inspected, and if appropriate, they are restocked. If not, we can coordinate disposal or return to the manufacturer.


Do you offer eco-friendly packaging options?

Yes, we provide environmentally friendly packaging solutions upon request.

Partnerships and Integrations:

Do you integrate with my e-commerce platform's inventory system?

Yes, we can integrate with various e-commerce platforms to ensure seamless inventory updates.

Can I use my preferred shipping carriers?

We can work with your preferred carriers or provide recommendations based on your needs.

Lead Times:

What's the typical lead time for order fulfilment?

Durring peak seaon times i.e. Black Friday if an order arrives in our system from your business before 2pm it will be dispatched the same day. Beyond 2pm the orders will be shipped the following working day.

Security of Data:

How do you ensure the security of customer data?

We use encryption and secure protocols to protect customer data during order processing.

Subscription Boxes:

Can you handle subscription box fulfilment?

Yes, we can fulfil subscription box orders and manage recurring shipments.

Holidays and Peak Seasons:

How do you manage order processing during holiday seasons?

We prepare in advance for peak seasons to ensure timely processing and delivery.

EDI Integration:

Do you support EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration?

Yes, we can integrate EDI systems for seamless communication between your business and ours.

API Access:

Can I access your system's functionality via APIs?

Yes, we offer API access for clients who want to integrate our services directly into their systems.  We encourage our clients to utilise API technology as it just makes for a more seamless operation.